I was so happy the other day I said it out loud. It was a Sunday and Josh and I  woke up, made some coffee,  and worked out in the yard. I am trying to fix our walls (which is laborious task) and he was cutting the grass and cleaning up some flower beds. Scooter was sunning himself and always facing the wind so it was blowing through his fur. We worked for a few hours and lost track of time, but decided to hustle and try to make it to brunch. We made it to E2 and were one of the last tables put on the list. Josh walked across the street to get some cash and then we sat and drank coffee, waiting for out table. We giggled like weirdos and then got seated. Zeppoli to start followed by an omlette for me and hash (I think) for Josh.  It was so delicious I don’t think we spoke to each other until we were done. We  laughed some more reflecting on our face stuffing party and that’s when I felt it and vocalized my happiness. I can’t even comprehend the simplicity of the day compared to the tremendous joy it brought me. Sunshine, outside work, dirt under your fingernails, cute dog, funny husband, good food. It was beautfiul.

It made me think of how much I am grateful for and all of the happiness I have been feeling lately. Josh and I have really put forth an effort to step outside of our comfort zones, have some adventures, and attempt to really feel joy. I’m realizing it’s not just the big trips and events it’s these little moments you don’t even think about and maybe that is where I find the most joy.

Then I think about my girl. How I look for her everywhere- in the sky, in the stars, in a little tulip, every tree leaf, every song lyric, little sparrows to big grey cranes, blooming lilacs, every rainbow, every windchime, during meditation, in my dreams. I look at everything. I slow down. I see her spirit in all of it. I feel everything now.


4 months 1 week 5 days


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