Life Not As We Know It

It was like this.
This is from Sophia’s Story a beautiful and touching memoir style blog. Sophia’s mom Laura is the most talented writer, who has an amazing ability to capture the finest detail. You will feel everything from her writing. Our stories are different and the same.
It was like this though. Just like this.

Laura Gaddis

The rectangular box is barely big enough to cover one quadrant of the table on which is sits. As if it is playing a silent childish game of pickle-in-the-middle, it is equidistant from both Jason and me, daring us to look inside. The bold black words atop the stark white cover tells us to remember, love, and treasure. Her tiny footprints stamp the lid, claiming this vessel as her own. Dotted with white, a pink ribbon embraces the box, securely belting the parameter. From inside the cover, poetry sings us pretty words such as “angels”, and “footprints”, and “heaven”. Within the cardboard shell, her keepsakes lie beside and on top of one another, comforting each other as they if they are the lone survivors of an apocalypse. Upon a glittered clay heart, the bitty mold of her hands reach out to us, begging for a cold, crumbly hug. Each curve…

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