A great man.

Today we say  goodbye to a great man Josh’s uncle Bob. He unfortunately lost his battle with cancer on Thursday.  It spread mercilessly and quickly throughout his body.  He was taken too quickly and leaves behind a true legacy of joy.

The first time I met Josh’s extended family was Christmas Day.  I generally do well meeting families but I knew this would be my forever family, so I was nervous.  Everyone greeted me with a smile and everyone made me feel comfortable.  I clung to Josh though and we ended up hanging out with Bob in the kitchen while he finished dinner. He right away offered us a beer Josh accepted and I passed.  He then pulled out a bottle of Booker’s Bourbon, gave a huge smile, and said, “You’re a bartender right? Have you tried Booker’s?” We shared a mutual love of good food and drink, and I knew we would get a long just fine! I’m sure the bourbon helped but Bob had a way of making everyone feel comfortable and welcome like he had known you for 20 years.

My favorite part about Bob though was just watching him play with his grandkids, goofing off, smiling and rolling around on the floor.  Pure love.  He was a great man and I know Josh has a special place for him in his heart.  We send all of our love and good energy to aunt Cathy, Darcy, Frank, Jake, Erin, Brian, Eliza and Ben.  Rest well uncle Bob and may you no longer find pain only peace, joy, love and good Bourbon.  Thank you again and please give our girl a hug.



4 thoughts on “A great man.

  1. Darcy says:

    Thank you for that beautiful tribute – what a wonderful gift. We are so happy to have you as part of our family – Josh did good!! Love you lots!!

  2. EBToomey says:

    Thanks for the beautiful words about Bob, Summer. I read your post several times a day. The rest of the world is moving on but I am not ready yet so it gives me comfort to come back and read your thoughts. I did not know the story that you shared but it does not surprise me. One of Bob’s greatest gifts was connecting with people and making them feel comfortable! One of the things I admire most about him. Thanks for giving me a place to come and sit and remember and smile. Love to you and Josh! Erin

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