I’m sorry that I have not addressed this until now, for those who have  inquired what we have done/will do for a memorial for Linden.   Linden was cremated and we did not have a funeral.  Josh and I discussed everything at length before her passing and we knew we wanted time to grieve,  heal,  time to try to and find some happiness, and then celebrate her strength.  That being said, the best idea we came up with is this spring (probably May) we will plant some Linden trees and have a little memorial for her.  Although she arrived in the winter, it was a 60 degree day, so spring will eternally remind me of her and that is when the linden trees and lilacs bloom.

Also, we are ok.  Every day contains highs and lows, and although this grief is far from over, I am trying to find happiness and fun.  To be quite honest, I am just so sick and tired of being sad.  It has been a really long three years.


4 thoughts on “Remembrance

  1. Katie Loeb says:

    That’s beautiful. Is there somewhere you can plant linden trees *and* a lilac bush next to each other? Seems fitting it would be that way. Perhaps a small plaque for the foot of the trees? Where were you planning to do this? Is there a public park you enjoy that might let you donate the plants and the plaque and do the planting and upkeep for you? Then everyone could enjoy it and help honor your beautiful daughter.

    Please note that I am notoriously bad with plants, so this suggestion comes from that perspective. If you wanted to tend the trees yourself I totally respect that. Could be my Black Thumb doing the talking for me…However, I do like the idea of everyone being able to enjoy your lovely tribute. Whatever/however you choose to honor Linden, I hope it brings you peace.

    Hugs and love,

    • All such wonderful ideas, Katie. Think we were just going to plant in my parents back yard, which is pretty large and Linden creek runs behind it. Growing up, I loved playing by the creek and considered that part of my parents yard magical.

      • Katie Loeb says:

        That’s nice. I like magical backyards! What made me think of the park idea is that in Rittenhouse Square you can “buy a bench” that will have a small plaque on it. People have plaques honoring anniversaries, their wedding day, or departed loved ones. Always made me think of that person and say a prayer for them, and think what a nice gesture it was that their loved ones let me share honoring that person with them, even if they were a stranger. The trees and lilac bush would be like that too.

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