This is a family with a similar story to ours in diagnosis. This is painful and beautiful to watch. This is reality. Do not watch this if you can not cry.

Please pray we have time with Linden.


10 thoughts on “Choosing Thomas Video

  1. Briana Elias says:

    I am so sorry :,( I hope that all along these doctors were wrong. cherish that you are getting to meet the miracle that you created.
    Since your blog about the song “Baby Mine”, I’ve had that in my head.

    Be as strong as you can be! Just like the parents in this video! Linden wouldn’t want you to be suffering. She would want you to enjoy the moments you have with her.

    Much Love!!!

  2. Katie Loeb says:

    Summer, my heart breaks for you and your family, yet I am astonished by your strength and bravery. There are not many who could make these choices and carry on with the grace that you have. Linden is a fortunate girl to have parents like you.

    Thinking of you always, and you and Linden are forever in my prayers.


  3. Danielle klinger says:

    I hope you get time with linden 🙂 this video is very sad and I’m sorry u have to feel such dread and fear. Your doing great keeping positive for your daughter… your a great mother already summer 🙂

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