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34 Weeks: Q&A recap

I notice a lot of women update people with these cute little question and answers  so I thought I would try to do one for my whole pregnancy thus far.

How far along:  34 Weeks

Total weight gain:   um… yeah right.                              

Maternity clothes: I have not worn anything other than maternity stretch pants for weeks now.  Since very early on I could not stand things digging into my belly.

Stretch marks: none on the belly just a couple I have had since adolescence.  I do have a crooked linea nigra too.  Fun.

Sleep: Has been a challenge.  I pee a lot and now I have this weird insomnia where I am up from 3-5 every night.

Best moment: Our party for Linden and seeing a bunch of friends and family and probably the care I am receiving at Conemaugh.  Honestly, every kick is joy for me.

Miss anything: missing events for my friends and family.

Movement: The first time I felt her move was the day I turned 17 weeks. It was so amazing.   She keeps it pretty random but has been active late night these day.

Food cravings: It started with pineapple and cake, then moved to tomato sauce and cake, then they went away, and now it’s cabbage, spinach and cake.  Oh and gravy when I’m sad but that’s just for me.

Anything making you queasy or sick: In the begining I could not eat greens and peas.  Now just heartburn is getting me down and nothing helps it.

Have you started to show yet: yeah I don’t know how long I’ve been showing though.

Gender: Homegirl!

Labor signs: Braxton hicks sometimes.

Belly button in or out: in still but it’s really small.  Creepy.

Wedding rings on or off: On.  The only thing swelling is my ankles.

Happy or moody most of the time: This is a rollercoaster.  When I am happy, I mean it.  When I am sad, I need it.  When I am bitchy, I blame hormones.

Looking forward to: meeting our girl.


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