33 weeks: getting the ducks in a row

Linden seems to be doing well still kicking and rolling all the time.   We have a check-up with Dr. Khouzami tomorrow hopefully all will be well.  I have been reading a lot of blogs and information on people that have been through other Trisomy 13 pregnancies and everyone says to get as many keepsakes as possible.  I really want the memories but I was apprehensive about getting professional pictures taken for the simple reason that I want to be selfish with our time with her, but then someone would have to take photos and it’s not fair to expect Josh to take pictures, so many people have recommended this website https://www.nowilaymedowntosleep.org.  The site organizes professional photographers with parents experiencing infant loss and they donate there time and remembrance photos .  I contacted our coordinator and he is putting us in touch with the area photographer who will take some photos of our homegirl when she is delivered.  Such an amazing and generous resource.

I also found this website  http://www.myveryownangel.org/index.php.  I feel like they have good ideas and resources for moms, dads and families.  I am happy with the support we receive, but I feel like a lot of people still do not know what to do or say when it comes to us and sometimes it can feel pretty lonely.  So check it out.

Although this is so difficult and painful, throughout all of my google searching yesterday I stayed relatively calm.  I am pretty proud of that.


4 thoughts on “33 weeks: getting the ducks in a row

  1. Mary Hixon says:

    You should be extremely proud of yourself and Josh. So many people describe you as brave, wonderful, admirable. You have always been those things to me now the rest of the world sees you through my eyes. XO Mom

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