32 weeks: We have a name

Well, we have had a name but we decided to finally share it with people at the party this past Sunday.  First, I want to say how wonderful our friends and family are and just how much love we felt on Sunday.  It feels like forever to share smiles with people instead of tears so thank you to everyone who came, texted, and called!  An extra thank you to my mom, dad, sister, and aunt for all the prep and clean-up, you guys are too good to us!

So for the name reveal we put up a board with a bunch of really obscure clues for first and middle name and let everyone guess.  Some people guessed 1 correct or came close and others just gave silly guesses thanks DiNardo for “Samantha Guich”.  Here are some of the clues.

In Ovid’s story Baucis turns into one?  Genus: Tilia?

A flowering plant in the olive family?  Whitman’s poem for Lincoln?

I wish I took more photos but here is the most important one.  Baby V’s name is…

Linden Lilac

Linden Lilac


6 thoughts on “32 weeks: We have a name

  1. Katie Loeb says:

    That’s so beautiful and feminine. I love it. It sounds like something a wood nymph or a fairy would be named. It’s fabulous!

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