26 weeks sonogram

So we had a sonogram today and got some ok news.  Baby V is growing but has fallen behind another week so right now she is measuring 24 weeks.  The heart abnormalities are the same and it was pointed out to us that her heart is located in the center of her chest.  Also, the cerebellum is stil not developing and kidneys are slightly dilated (Dr. Khouzami said he is not too worried about them though).  We also got to see her in 3D, which is a little creepy but still really cool.  ImageThe doctor was concerned she may be polydactyl or have a cleft lip/palate but she had neither.  It’s not like it mattered either way to us but any small amount of good news is appreciated these days.  Look how awesome she is!  Kicking like a champ too.


2 thoughts on “26 weeks sonogram

  1. Angela Fisher says:

    Feeling your child move around has got to be the coolest part of being pregnant! I miss it even though my 2 girls are here, and still kicking me, lol

  2. Jess D says:

    Hot damn, I think she’s smiling at you! Glad you got some good news about your amazing little daughter. Love you. Miss you already. And Josh and his square head, too.

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